Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Few Items of News

I have finally booked my flight to Freetown and will be arriving on November 2. With so much extra time due to postponed travel plans, I have decided to visit my brother in Shanghai on my way there (well, not exactly on the shortest route there), so my departure from the U.S. will be on October 20. For those who would like to reach me, after the 20th I will maintain my Yahoo email address, but will have no phone number until I purchase a cell phone in Freetown.

Pema and Annabel Clark, the sisters whose visit to the Goderich Waldorf School and subsequent email describing the school's need for teacher trainers were my original connection to the school, have updated the school's website with more photographs, and they are worth viewing. In addition, Annabel has posted photographs from that visit on her own website listed in the Links to the right.

Classes have begun at last at the Goderich Waldorf School. It is a month later than normal and I really won't know how everything is going until I arrive.

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