Wednesday, March 26, 2008

End of Term Celebration

A few photos from the End of Term Celebration held at the school on March 14. The teachers organized the children to present dances, skits and recitations, and despite the intense heat that day, we all had a terrific time and even attracted a small audience of neighbors.

Dancers waiting to enter the courtyard. They are dressed in traditional raffia skirts.

Here they are making their group entrance. They then proceeded to dance solo pieces.

A gifted and energetic dancer. She was a pleasure to watch and grabbed everyone's attention.

Next up were Class Two girls dancing in the same style. They entered as a group, danced solo to the drums and then left one-by-one.

Another talented dancer, this one from Class Two

Here they are all together, clapping and bumping to the powerful beat.

I will post more photos of the rest of the celebration in a later post.

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